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i am so bored. i fucking dont want to go to school. i would rather eat dog shit. i think everyone is with me when i sat the junior year in high school is gonna suck dick for coke. anyway, i have court tomorrow. i cant wait for that. yeah. there is nothing i would rather do then sit in court and look at the asshole who pressed charges on me. and then be told i am going to have to pay a huge ass fine, and do community service. yeah i am really pissed off. and then to put salt in the wound, i have to work on the first day of school. i am really pissed off about that too. like what kind of an asshole makes employees work on their first day of school. this is so fucking rediculous. i am having a real shitty week. but whatever. i think that if my mom tells me that i have to get honor roll all year again i am going to fucking kill her. like i was at work the other day cleaning knives in the back, and i honestly was thinking what would happen to me if i went in the other room and killed everyone in the room. and i turned around with the knife and started walking toward the other room, and then i was like holy shit what am i doing? i think i am seriously going crazy. so if you see on the news soon "girl arrested for mass murder" just dont be suprised. i am going to go up in my room, take a large sleeping pill and go to sleep. see ya
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